Adoption Process

How to adopt a dog from us...

So you have, done some research, decided a greyhound or lurcher is for you and looked on our dogs looking for homes page.

What do you do next?

Contact us

Once you have seen a dog or decided you are interested in adopting a dog please get in touch with us or come to one of our meet and greets (details of the next ones on upcoming events). We can discuss your home situation, work hours etc and the dog your interested in and arrange for you to meet.

Who do we adopt to?

There is no set family we look for, we treat each family or person as an individual set of circumstances. We don’t have any blanket policies of not adopting to people with children under 5 or people who work full time. We will be honest with you and say whether your situation suits any of our dog’s needs. For example, I work full time and have 4 wonderful rescue greyhounds, they have a dog walker and keep each other company while I am at work but then my evenings and weekends are theres. If you work full time and then go out every night as well, maybe a dog is not for you. We have also re-homed to people who live in flats, but they understand their dog will need regular trips outside on a lead as well as daily walks as they don’t have a garden. So it is about discussion, please do get in touch and we will discuss all these issues with you.

Home Check

We home check the homes of our prospective adoptees before the adoption of dogs. However, we are not inspecting your home for Good Housekeeping magazine! We are checking the house for things such as security of the garden fencing, where the dog will sleep, to meet the family and chat to you about owning a dog. Please remember we are looking at your home for a dog’s well being, that is the main thing. We will ask you to provide your own lead, dog bowl, food and ID tag for the trial period mentioned below. The ID tag can be a temporary plastic one, they are very cheap to buy until the adoption is complete.

Trial Period

We do not initially take the adoption donation from you, this is currently a minimum of £120  and will be asked for at the end of this period. Once we have spoken to you and discussed the dog’s needs, a trial period of 2-3 weeks is arranged where you will take the dog home to see how things go, this is to make sure the dog and you are happy with the situation. However, 3 weeks is not a great deal of time it is just to get an initial feeling of the new relationship you and the dog have.

We do expect potential adoptees to sign a pre-adoption agreement, which you can download here. Dogs will often take longer than this period to settle into your home fully, others will walk in as if they have been there all their lives. Please keep this in mind when considering how the trial period has gone, the dog you have now will continue to grow and develop into an even more wonderful companion over the coming months.

We also like our adopter to adopters read our greyhounds as pets page to know what to expect over the first few days and weeks. So the trial period is there for both the dog’s happiness and yours, please remember this should be a decision you make with the serious intention of adopting and you your new family member may have the odd ‘accident’ or stolen piece of toast, as many of our dogs have had traumatic pasts and have been strays on the streets. We are always there with help, support and advice to make this a success.


After two to three weeks, we will ask you to pay the adoption donation, which is a minimum of £120 and to bring the dog to a meet and greet so that we can complete the adoption paper work. All our dogs come vaccinated neutered, wormed and de-flead for the adoption donation. If at this stage the trial has not worked, we will discuss the issues with you and if they cannot be resolved we will take the dog back.

We hope this has answered some of the questions you may have had about the adoption process. Please get in touch if you have any further questions. We wish you luck in finding your new companion.


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